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A Strategic Experiment in Identifying Machine Learning Algorithms for Automated Grading: Leveraging LLMs through Precise Prompt Crafting

Prof. Dr. Tobey Gross

Language Acquisition and the Neurosciences: Towards a More Integrative Perspective

Prof. Dr. Bob Jacobs, Prof. Dr. John Schumann

Mission: Education for the 21st Century. How Innovation Policy Could Accelerate the Transformation of the German School System.

Dr. Ekkehard Thümler

Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design: Recent Developments

Prof. Dr. Fred Paas, Erasmus University Rotterdam, et. al. 

Artificial Intelligence education for young children: Why, what, and how in curriculum design and implementation

Asst. Prof. Dr. Weipeng Yang, University of Hong Kong

English and foreign language teaching in the German Gymnasium

Prof. Dr. Engelbert Thaler, University of Augsburg

The Development of Theories of Second Language Acquisition

Prof. Dr. Florence Myles, University of Essex

English for academics concept: Сourse principles in teaching EAP to researchers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetlana Bogolepova, 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tamara Oshchepkova et. al.

Overview of the history of development of theories about metacognition and itsimplications on educational science in various fields from 1976 to 2022

Prof. Dr. Tobey Gross

Prefrontal–Temporal Circuitry for Episodic Encoding and Subsequent Memory

Brenda A. Kirchhoff, Anthony D. Wagner, Anat Maril, and Chantal E. Stern

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