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In the November newsletter, we address the various challanges that ethics in modern education bring. Not only on educators' side, it must be acknowledged, that fast-paced educational environments require careful ethical revision, but also, or even more, on the side of

policy-makers. Ethical Considerations in education are highly multifaceted and touch many different subtopics. It is our responsibility as a global educational organization, to address them and especially to raise awareness for current shortcomings and potential for improvement. Your contribution is welcome. 


In the December newsletter, we will have a look at the various intersections of educational psychology and Machine Learning principles, ideas and experiments. It is no more a theoretical option, that tools and algorithms be used for educational purposes, either of 

investigational nature, or of practical use for the purpose of advancing educational practice. New technologies offer us a variety of possible tools, that support and advance our methodologies in lectures, literature, visualization and so much more. We are, as always, happy for your contribution either as a member or a guest.

The essence of tomorrow is what we do today.